My name is Carol. I was brought up in a strict family way back in Bungoma County. My parents had so many expectations with me as I was really a sharp person when it came to education. Soon after I graduated from the University, I started looking for a job which was not an easy task to do. As time went by, I was into prostitution as my family members back at home expected since I was a graduate at the University of Moi; it was a sure guarantee that I was to get a job straight away. I did this because I felt it was the only way to convince them that I was now employed. The little money I got from the business I send to my parents and so they were pleased I had a job.

None of them really knew what I was really going on as they saw things were just okay since I did not hesitate to send them money. Each time I lied to my parents I had landed a job as a tourist guide since I had graduated with a bachelor degree in tourism. In my mind I was not a settled person as I knew one day things would erupt and my family back at home would know what I was really doing back in the city. Many were the times I did not have peace in my mind each time I send my parents money that I had gotten from prostitution. Despite its challenges, I still saw prostitution as a job like any other. It was really going to be a difficult task to quit it.

I really wondered why I was engaging in the business and many were the times I looked for help from various religious leaders for really I wanted to quit prostitution. A friend whom we had studied with happened to share with me about Mugwenu doctors since I had shared to her what really I was going through in being a prostitute. She gave me the herbalist contacts where I contacted them for I really wanted help before things went amiss. After a week I was at their offices. My life had really changed since I had used a lot of drugs to sustain all the prostitution activities.  Many pregnancy prevention pills that I had used had really ruined my health at this point.

I was attended by this renowned herbalist where they assured me things were to change. They later promised me a more descent job. After a week I got a job at a tourist company as a tourist guide. Since then my life changed. Any person who prostitution has been a menace should visit Mugwenu doctors for assistance for they are really resourceful people. They solve loves spells and make your spouse loyal to you. They also cast black magic spells and witch craft spells just in three days.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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