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We lived happily with my husband in Kisumu County. This changed with immediately I got my first born kid with my husband. My in laws did not hesitate to say that the kid did not resemble my husband or any other person in the family. This really worried me since I knew the kid was his. I had not played games outside our wedlock at any given time since I was the most loyal person to my husband despite the circumstances. As time went by, my in law led by my mother in law said that they were to kill my child since it was to become a bad omen in their family. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

My husband seemed to be on their side as each time I told him to tell her relatives that the kid was his legit blood he refused. He too vowed one day to kill the kid for really the child was not showing any sign that he belonged to him. As days went by, my mother in law plus my husband’s siblings vowed to use other means to ensure that the child was to die including black magic. Time went by and the child cried a lot at night hours and I sometimes told myself that those were just signs that they had already found black magic help to ensure that my son die. No one was really coming to my help. Religious intervention was y only help left behind but things were not really working as the kid would cry the whole night at times galloping like a person who was dying.

Herbal medication that I used from various herbal facilities was also in vain. None of my in laws wanted to hear that the kid belonged to my husband. After a while I looked for   intervention from Mugwenu doctors whom I had learned about them via a radio station. I contacted them and booked an appointment for really I wanted to save the life of my child from these uncaring in laws who had turned against him. After three days I was at their offices ready for treatment. I was attended to and really I had a sign of hope my in laws were ready to calm down for he was a legit kid to both of us.

Three days after coming from Mugwenu doctors, my husband told me that we were going for a DNA test to know if the kid was his. This was an indication that Mugwenu doctors things were really at work. Clearly it was found that the kid was his. He informed my in laws that he was the legit dad to the child and things turned around. There was no hatred among this family any more. We would now talk with my in laws freely. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for their assistance.

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