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We were happily married with my husband George where we lived in Kajiado County.  We had two children. My husband was the source provider for the family where I was a housewife and so most of the times I remained at home taking care of the house. As time went by, my husband started having some illness and finally he passed on and so I was left in despair to take care of the family needs. It was really a difficult task keeping in mind I had no job by that time. Things were becoming really tougher as it reached to some point I was not in the ability to meet my family needs. I had to pay my kids school fee plus meet their daily basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. Prostitution was my only savior at that time.

I really did not have ample time to spend with my children as most of the times I was in the streets of Kajiado town looking for potential clients. It was not the life I really wanted. People who discovered o was doing the business shunned me away as they saw me as a community outcast. After some point it became my way of earning a living. It was a norm in my life’s as time went by, my two children asked why I seldom slept in the house. At last they knew I was a prostitute and that is how I used to earn them a living.

In had done the business for three months and I realized this had affected my children behavior. At times my little daughter would tell me that their teacher asked them to tell the class what their parent’s occupation was and that really hurt her. Not only this but I feared some day that my children would emulated this aspect and later in life become prostitutes. I had nothing to do to make end meet. After some times through a radio station, I learned about Mugwenu doctors who were herbalists. I contacted them for according to testimonials I had about them, they helped people who had problems like mine to turn back to their normality. I visited their offices where I was attended. They assured me that everything was under their control. Three days after I went back home I got a job offer from a certain local health care facility. That’s how I quitted prostitution with the help of Mugwenu doctors. Anyone with difficulties to quit prostitution should visit Mugwenu doctors for they are real herbalist with extinguished know how to solve any difficulties in life. They work has been exceptional especially in the East African region for many have witnessed.

Mugwenu doctors treat various forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer among other cancer varieties. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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