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 “She was one level more senior than me and I assumed she was a bit older as well,” Amimo narrated. She was selected to be my performance manager where she suggested I join a project she had really been working on. We lived in the same neighborhood, so we started to have late nights, which we were working on the project she had told me of. My wife would caution my behavior as she did not understand I came home late as I had been extending time working on project with my boss. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

I could sense our boundaries had started to blur, but I did not do anything to stop it. I wanted to work and any form of disagreement with my boss was risky on my side. I enjoyed feeling as if I was teasing and provoking her. Things went to another stage as my boss promised me of a job promotion if I would sleep with her. Hearing that he was to offer me a promotion I munched her in one of the hotels in the city (Nairobi) and after a week I had been promoted. My wife did not know anything about this and guilt was really killing me. I never had peace in the office for I knew I had gone outside our wedlock each time I would see her I felt ashamed all the time. My wife was a very loyal person and I could not imagine I had sex with other person outside our marriage.

My boss had really wanted this to be a norm as at some point she would seduce me inside her office. This really disturbed me and I had to look for a solution since I knew I had a wife and child to take care back at home. Committing adultery was not my potion and I really did not like it much. Due to her continuous demand that we should be having sex, I tended to refuse and we had a bad relationship with her. I contacted Dr Mugwenu an extinguished herbalist who I had known him before through the many healing he frequently did through the radio. I met him at his offices for really I wanted to save my marriage and work.

He attended me and when I went back to work; my boss did not have any sexual intentions to me. We did work together without having sexual feelings to each other. Dr Mugwenu had really saved my marriage for my boss at some point had wanted me to part ways with my wife to accommodate her. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for his assistance. Many people undergo sexual harassment at their places of work but fear to speak out. Dr Mugwenu is reaching out to you to speak out for he got help.

He treats various diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure among others just within three days. He ensures your marriages stays safe and secure through giving you love candles that sweeten love in the marriage. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

Download our blog’s APP from Google Playstore using the link here>>>

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