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I lived in Shauri Moyo in Nairobi County. I was not married and so I was still enjoying my youthful dating life. I had not settled with one partner and so I had several partners who I was analyzing them before I could decide whom to marry me. We could have sex with several of them and in the process I became a sex addict. A day would not end without having sex. I sometimes told myself that maybe different tastes of the guys I slept with really gave me more sex appetite. . For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

I thought my behavior would change but as days went by, I got that sexual urge to a larger extent. At times a day would not end without me having sex. Without sex I was a bored lady. Most of the times I preferred unprotected sex as the use of contraceptives like condoms had an effect to my body. As time went by, I rarely chose who to munch me for all I wanted is sex. At times I used to even have sex with men who were younger than me. Sex was food to me and it was really rare to survive without it. At times I would even pay men whom I know to have sex with me. After each sex session I would feel better just for sometimes but as time went by I would still demand for some sex.

My partners would love these but as time went by I started rethinking why I was doing this with so many partners. I rarely wanted to know their status at any particular time. Sex had really taken my life. Everything was sex. I was looking for a way to end this addiction and that’s when I learned about Mugwenu doctors via the website where I came through testimonials of women who had similar addictions. I contacted them and booked an appointment. I visited their offices for really I wanted to change this habit. I was attendee to where the herbalist promised me that multiple partners were the ones who made me have such sex patterns. After a while after visiting Mugwenu doctors, I never have that frequent sex drive. My mind was now fresh as I could think of important aspects of my life.

I would once more concentrate on living a descent life. After a while I got a partner and since then my sex addiction had ended. Mugwenu doctors just like the medical doctors analyzes your problem where they offer you with solutions through subjecting you to herbal medication. There work is genuine and cannot be compared to other herbal doctors on posters and bill boards. The herbalist solves family problems that can lead to domestic violence through guiding and counseling the partners. They provide you with love candles which ensure your partner stick to you despite the conditions. Do not hesitate to call them when in need. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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