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At times medicines and other contraception can make you have a low sex urge at any moment. This happens when the medicine content you’re taking combines with sexual hormones in your body at any time. I lived with my husband in Wajir in the northern part of Kenya. Life was really good till I later discovered I had high blood pressure. The problem was that I had discovered this condition so late. As time went by I had to be on medication which was the only way to balance my blood pressure. We were still a young couple and so each moment we had to enjoy sex. Call +254740637248/E-mail

As time went by I started losing the sex drive as I had severely used medicine to reduce high blood pressure. Before we used to have sex with my husband as I used to seduce him most of the times but as time went by things had changed due to medication I was in. At times I saw sex as really a very bad deed. The medicine I used to take gave me such instincts at each particular time. I informed my husband about the situation so that he would keep calm since it was not my wish. At some point I used to have sexual enhancing drugs just to have a sex session with my husband but this was just for a while since I could not bear taking high blood pressure medicine and now sex enhancing pills at the same time.

I had no option but to remain without having sex. I started suspecting my husband behavior as he behaved as if he had gotten someone whom satisfied him sexually keeping in mind I had this condition. One of my friends happened to talk about Mugwenu doctors whom she later gave me the herbal doctors’ contacts. According to her, the herbal doctors had helped so many people with various challenges in the society where recently they had helped her protect her business which was prone to theft hence it was collapsing but Mugwenu doctors made it to succeed once more. I contacted Mugwenu doctors where they directed me to their offices of operation.

After a week I was at their offices for really I wanted help. At first they ensured my high blood pressure was over since it was the main cause for my medication which led to loss of sex urge. I was attended and went back home. After four days, my sex drive was back to normality. I rarely used sex enhancing pills to boost libido since Mugwenu doctors had really solved everything. I was a happy person once more courtesy of Mugwenu doctors.

They help you solve land wrangles, help you win court cases and ensure that justice prevail by your side at any particular time. They cast hex spells, black ring and others just within three days.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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