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Stacey really loved her job at a top tech company- that is when her boss left for another firm. The new manager Peter, seemed to dislike everyone on the team and he had inherited, regardless of individual or collective performance. He was aloof, prone to abusive language and opt not to follow any project that was not his brainchild. Within a month he had replace a number of Stacey’s colleagues. At first Stacey tried to win her new boss’s trust and respect by asking for his feedback and guidance. Peter her boss was unresponsive. Despite her best efforts, Stacey could not make the relationship click. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

She tried even reaching the HR of the company for sanctioning of her boss but nothing was happening. Her boss still went on using abusive language which at times was vulgar language that would coarse anyone within seconds especially the hot tempered people. Due to this Stacey was really a stressed and depressed person and in most of the time she was unable to do most of her work. She was convinced that the only way to get out of such a life was to walk out of the company. Things were really not changing with the new boss as he even became worse than before. Most of the times Stacey really seemed to be a sorrowful person. She never had happiness as before the new boss took charge as the manager.

She later tried to look for assistance from many people including the clergy but none was offering a viable solution. She had already made her mind that she was to quit the job. Just after she was about to quit, she was referred to Dr Mugwenu by a loyal friend of hers. She wanted to change her boss nature. She met the extinguished herbalist in town as she narrated. She was given herbs which she was told to ensure her boss takes a sip of it especially when it was cooked in the office tea.  She did that after she was fro Dr Mugwenu and really the fruits of this had started reveling. The boss appeared to be a cool person than before. He had tamed his usual behavior of subjecting Stacey and cohorts to abuse language which really diminished them back at their work place. He was really a cool and a changed man courtesy of Dr Mugwenu. Since that day things in the office had been conducive than before.

Many people are subjects of harassment from their bosses but they tend to keep quite despite the habit being rampant. Dr Mugwenu is reaching out to anyone with similar case to reach out to him since he got a life time solution. He treats various diseases like cancer, epilepsy and blood pressure just within a period of three days. He cast hex spells, love spells which ensures your life is on a normal curve. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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