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If you are really a sex addict and engaging in risky sex behaviors then you must be a worried person. There are many health consequences brought by sex addiction. I lived in Umoja, Nairobi County where I was working as a sales manager at a private organization in the capital. I used to earn close to 300000 shillings as my monthly salary. I did not have more responsibilities to do with the cash since I had no family and people who depended at me at that particular time. Most of the times I would use the money in worldly pleasures like partying. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

Keeping in mind I was a sex addict, I had multiple girlfriends whom is spent my money with. On the weekends I would host parties at my house where at time I would have sex with several ladies. I was a fun of having three some sex where most of the times I used to pay for it. In most cases I did this type of sex without protecting myself. Time went by and I went on with the habit of having unprotected sex with multiple partners. I was really possed with sex this time round.  It reached a point that I started experiencing some pain each time I went for a short co. I did not care for I told myself it was just a normal disorder that would end within time.

Time went by and I still had the habit of having sex with multiple partners. After sometimes I really felt much pain as compared to before during my short co. I happened to share the story to my friend Mundia who told me that was a sign of a sexual transmitted infection.  He told me he once experienced the same where he later discovered he had been infected with syphilis but Dr Mugwenu a renowned herbalist helped him. Looking at my pat behavior it was a clear indication that I had syphilis. I took the step of visiting Dr Mugwenu for the disease effect was really going rampant each particular day. I met the herbalist specialist where I was attended after being subjected to herbal medication. After I had returned home, the pains in my manhood were no more. Since that day I stuck to a single partner whom I later married. Sex addiction had nearly ruined my life but through the help Dr Mugwenu things were able to return to normality this time round.

I advice any person with the same problem to visit Dr Mugwenu who has much experience in herbal medication as various testimonials of different people reveal his such a resourceful herbal doctor. He is the most popular herbalists in the East African region when it comes to casting hex spells, black magic spells among others just to mention. He has really helped many people who had once had endless problems. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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