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My name is Zephaniah there before I had started suspecting my wife had some close relationship with my boss. We had been working in the same company and in the same office. Many people at the office knew Rose as my wife and so the boss. Many were the times when my boss Mwangi would be so close to my wife. He would rare give her a lot of work as the secretary of the company as he used to do to the other workers of the company. I really did not like this habit and so this forced me to seek help from Dr Mugwenu who was an experienced herbalist. . For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

From Dr Mugwenu I got protection which hindered my wife from having love affairs with another person. My wife had no clue of me to have been Dr Mugwenu and so he went on with the habit of having sexual relation with the boss. Time passed and really she did not know I had the protection. Many were the times they had long conversations in the office especially when other workers had left the office for lunch breaks. I never worried myself that much for I knew I had protection from Dr Mugwenu and everything was just in order despite the condition. Despite working in the same office, my wife had the habit of coming home late which I really did not like. She gave force stories but I just tolerated since I had vowed to one day ambush him. I really did not like arguing with her for obviously a fight would erupt which would cause harm or domestic violence and I would be subjected to assault.

Time went by and I kept asking her if she was really in love with the boss but she kept turning my question away. At some point she even told me that I was really a jealous man. I really wanted to protect what belonged to me. One day as I had gone for lunch break I got a call from my friend saying that my wife had been having sex in the office. I rushed and really found a large crowd of workers who came to see for themselves. The two did not have the ability to walk. I knew Dr Mugwenu magic was really working this time round. My wife was really ashamed of the situation. I called Dr Mugwenu and my manager was ordered to pay 55,000 shillings. He later paid the money where things came back to normal.

I later forgave my wife and moved on with life this time round she was really loyal to me. The manager was later sacked and a new manager was brought to the company. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for his assistance. He ensures your marriage stands despite forces from different corners through giving you love candles. He will make your cheating partner change the behavior and be loyal to you. Do not hesitate to call him when In problem. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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