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Drinking excessive amount of alcohol over a long period can reduce your sex drive at any moment. I used to work in a pub in Kitale town, Trans Zoia County.  Being a bar maid was not an easy task as many can think. Alcohol was everywhere and at times I would drink alcohol that was left out by the customers. This became a habit and finally I was an addict in alcohol consumption. This situation lasted for a very long period of time as I would not live without consuming alcohol. Due to this, my sexual desire just lost abruptly. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

My husband would demand his conjugal rights but all was in vain since consuming of alcohol had been my new norm and so I did not see sex as an important aspect of marriage. Alcohol became the first priority in my life. As time went by I was sacked by the pubs owner for I was not in the ability to go one with the job since I had become an addict on a larger hand. Alcohol had really ruined my life. My husband would take me to marriage counselors but this was so late. We had lived for three months now without having sex since alcohol and other drugs consumption had really took some part of my life. It was really a bad situation in the family. At times my husband would threaten to go for another lover but he kept one hoping things would change.

Andrew a long time friend to our family told my husband of Mugwenu doctors who he said they were experts in the field of herbal medicine would turn on the condition as he said. My husband did not believe in this but Andrew took him through some testimonials he got from the website for sure Mugwenu doctors had really helped a lot of people and so I was not an exception. He contacted the herbalist and booked an appointment. After two days we travelled to the herbalists offices since the alcoholism condition which made me have a low sex urge had really distorted my husband so much. I was put under herbal medication for about an hour, after that I was counseled. Three days later after returning back home, my sex drive was back again.

I had completely seized taking alcohol. My husband was a happy man once more. There was love in our marriage once more. Since that day I came to learn that Mugwenu doctors are the most reliable herbalist in the East African region for the testimonials of their work clearly reveals all. I advice any lady who have a low sex drive due to indulgement of drugs and alcohol to visit Mugwenu doctors since they will really end your problem just in three days time. They also solve various life challenges like ending long time domestic violence by providing guidance and counseling to the involved couples at any particular time. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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