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My name is Bridget and some months ago I had been into prostitution which was due to drug abuse. I used to take too much alcohol which made me drop out of the University as I became an addict and I saw there was no need of learning any more. Many men loved me since they bought me alcohol where I gave them free sex as a return. I was really known by almost every man especially those that engaged in prostitution deeds. As time went by, I even forget my parents as I saw them as very vulnerable people whom I did not deserve at any particular time.

Prostitution life was good since I would make relatively good money. Pubs and other alcohol selling stations were my stations. I was available in these areas each particular time. Alcohol and other drugs had really taken away my life. Any man who bought alcohol to me had the chance to enjoy sex with me for at some point for really I adored alcohol. As time went by, I started losing my shape due to my nature of taking too much alcohol with no food. My life had been really ruined by prostitution and alcohol consumption. With time I was infected with liver cirrhosis thereby I was not in the ability to engage any more in prostitution since I needed treatment of the infection. I had nowhere to rush since my parents had abandoned me due to my prostitution and alcoholism habit.

As time went by, things were really not going well as the infection had completely gone to an extent I could not even walk properly. This did not stop me from going on with prostitution at any particular point. As days went I happened to start hating the prostitution life. Keeping in mind I had liver cirrhosis life was too difficult to handle. Through a local TV station, I learned about Mugwenu doctors who were extinguished herbalist. I contacted them and booked an appointment with them since the condition had really given me sleepless nights. I visited their offices where I told them my problem. They subjected me to some herbal form of medication where first to cure liver cirrhosis. I really wanted to them to assist me to have something different to earn a living with since prostitution had really ruined my life. They assured me I was going to have a decent job and three days after I went back home I got a hotel waitress job.

It was really a beginning of new life. Since I visited Mugwenu doctors I seized prostitution. They are the most reliable herbalist who really understands people’s problems in the society. Do not hesitate to call them when in need. Mugwenu herbalists casts various spells like the hex spells, black magic spells just to mention a few. They also cure diseases such as epilepsy, tuberculosis among others just within three days time. Do not hesitate to call them if in need.  For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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