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My husband who we lived together in Mombasa sometimes complained that I seldom wanted to have sex with him. It was not my wish to behave in that manner but vaginal dryness which made me to have pain each time we had sex together made me to lose interest in having sex at any particular moment. Each time we had sex, I would experience involuntary tightening of my vagina which made me to have pain each time we had sexual contact with my husband. He started suspecting I was doing that maybe because I had some people outside our wedlock who satisfied my sexual desire. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail

This problem really made me to lose the desire to have sex. I never wanted to share to my husband what was really wrong due to that fear he would get another woman. As time went by, things were becoming even tougher. Each time we had sexual contact, blood would come out of my vagina accompanied with severe pain which really ended my sexual urge. I really felt sorry for my husband as he thought he was the one who was the problem but I knew I was the problem. Time went by and I told myself maybe things would change but all was in vain as it reached a point where I never wanted to have sexual contact with my husband. Each time he penetrated his penis into my vagina I would experience vaginismus which was accompanied with much pain where I lost that sex appetite.

As I was reading information on the internet, I came through a website through an advertisement on the internet. The name of the website was where I went through it. Dr Mugwenu an extinguished herbalist had helped a lot of women who had similar problem rend it. I took his number from the website where I contacted him and booked an appointment for I wanted to end this problem for my husband had vowed to leave me if the condition was not to come to an end as time went by. After a week I was at Dr Mugwenu office where I addressed to him my problem. Within an hour he attended me and assured me that the problem had come to an end.

Three days after I had returned home, when we had sex with my husband I did not experience that vaginal dryness. Instead there was some wetness which lubricated the entire sex session. This was a clear indication that Dr Mugwenu was a guru in helping women who have vaginal dryness which make them to lack urge of having sex return to their normal ways. I really thank Dr Mugwenu for his assistance. Dr Mugwenu solves marriage problems, winning court cases and winning lotteries just to mention few. He cast hex spells. Black magic spells just within the span of three days and everything will be in order. Do not be prohibited by your geographical location for phone treating is also done via phone. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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