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My name is Grace. I live in Nairobi, Mlolongo area. I am a secretary at a certain law firm in the city. I wanted a very close relationship with my boss mainly for favors and other issues. So most of times I offered him free sex to ensure he considers me in the firm’s important and lucrative deals. My boss really seemed enjoying and I too. As time went by this affected my work rate for really I would only think offering free sex to my boss. My mind was occupied with sexual thoughts in most of the times I was required to perform a certain important task. For consultations call +254740637248/ E-mail

After sometimes I would remain lonely in the office and really cried to myself why I had been doing that for so long. Since it had been a usual norm, my boss frequently wanted us to be having sex every now and then despite me having contrary opinion. I had no option but to adhere with what he told me. Most of the times my workmates complained that I had been really wasting their efforts since I was not helping them do the office work. In the firm’s meeting I rarely shared my thoughts and opinions as others did. The habit of sleeping with my boss had really lowered my morale at large. After sometimes I was not able to work and I wanted to have some leave to settle my mind and evade from my boss who frequently wanted sex with me.

I tried to seek help from my close friends but none was giving me a viable solution on what to do. Through a radio station I was able to learn about Dr Mugwenu who herbal doctor was trying to promote his herbal medications. So many people seemed to be really testify of his treating and solving so many problems including diseases that were thought to be fierce. I was too interested and took his phone number. After a week I contacted him for really my condition was really wanting and I would be sacked anytime if the HR was to get information that I was not doing work as required due to my sexual pattern with my boss. Dr Mugwenu attended me by giving me some herbal concoction which was to cleanse my mind. Since I did not want to have sex with my manager again he gave me some herbal tablets which I was to place in the office.

I did that and when I went back to work everything was settled. I was now fresh and no sexual thoughts disturbed me at work. Everyone was shocked at the rate at which I was working this time round. My boss completely seized the habit of wanting sexual satisfaction from me. It was a new dawn at my work place for I really had peace of mind back. I really thank Dr Mugwnu for his help. He treats diseases such as leukemia, diabetes and others just within three days. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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