Saturday, 9 January 2021 – Elizabeth Koki has grabbed headlines after she was brutally murdered by her Nigerian boyfriend at her house in Syokimau.

The young lawyer had ‘domesticated’ the Nigerian man who is suspected to be a criminal.

Koki’s lifeless body was discovered by her househelp lying in the bedroom.

The deceased’s boyfriend is said to have fled on Thursday after committing the heinous murder before detectives cornered him on Friday night.

Here are photos of the deceased lawyer.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 

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  1. He is Congolese not Nigerian, facts should be verified before sharing information that will later be corrected. Give the public the correct information and just speculation.

    • Someone has lost their life, Sir and your main concern is how low she aimed? Does it matter what her aim was, did she deserve to have her life cut at such a young age?
      He’s not Nigerian and that can be verified. To ask how he got that passport – is like asking what is corruption, get the answer to corruption and you’ll find the answer to how he got a different nationality🙄. When he also holds a South African passport… you ask like you don’t live in Africa.

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