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Monday, January 11, 2021 – Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has begun his match to State House come 2022 in earnest by meeting KANU delegates across the country.

Yesterday, Gideon met delegates from Kakamega County where he laid his plan for 2022.

He told delegates of the plans to strengthen KANU and make it a political force in the upcoming general elections in which he plans to vie for the presidency.

He further announced that he would be visiting KANU delegates from across the country as they discuss strategies for the party’s growth.

“We have a committed and capable team ready to work with you (KANU delegates) in expanding our party network all over Kenya because there is a bright future for KANU,” Moi stated.

Moi has heightened his political activities ahead of 2022 with his eyes on the price.

He has toured various counties as he drummed up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as well as reviving old KANU networks.

During yesterday’s meeting, Gideon also decried the independence party’s loss of assets worth ksh1.8 billion which he feared might scuttle his 2022 presidential bid.

He noted that the loss, orchestrated by land grabbers, had slowed down plans for expanding the party networks across the country, which is likely to have a bearing on KANU’s performance in 2022.

The statement was also confirmed by the Kakamega branch chair Chacha Weche, who pointed out that party properties in Kakamega and Busia counties had either been grabbed or risk being grabbed.

According to Weche, about 16 business structures on the plot of land owned by the party were demolished by the county government in October 2018.

He also noted that another plot worth over ksh40 million was in danger of being grabbed.

However, Gideon noted that the party had made strides to recover its property.


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