Saturday, 30 January 2021 – Andrew Kibe is in trouble after ‘tea master’ Edgar Obare exposed him for luring a high school girl with private photos.

According to Edgar, he got information that Kibe, a former pastor and radio presenter at NRG and Kiss 100, was luring an underage girl called Michelle with the photos.

Edgar shared the mind-blowing photos where Kibe is seen flaunting his goodies to lure the high school girl.

In one of the leaked photos, Kibe is seen in his birthday suit while exposing his monster ‘propeller’ to the girl.

The expose comes weeks after the faded radio presenter revealed that he went broke after he was fired from Kiss 100 for gross misconduct.

The damaging photos may kill his career completely since no company would like to be associated with such a shameless man.

Here’s the expose courtesy of Edgar.


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