Friday, 08 January 2021 – Ebru TV has come out to explain why Benji Ndolo’s contract was terminated.

The controversial political analyst used to host a show dubbed My Government on Ebru TV but a few days ago, he was handed a letter informing him that his contract had been terminated.

Benji went on a ranting spree on Twitter and started tainting the image of his employer after losing the job.

According to Ebru TV, Benji was fired because of gross misconduct.

“Everest Production Corporation Kenya Limited took immediate action to dismiss Benjamin Ndolo who was the host for My Government at EBRU on casual basis. His ill-mannered bahaviour, verbal abuse and breach of the company policy has led to the termination of the contract.

The safety of staff remains a top priority to us and it’s our mandate to ensure that the employee is well interviewed and follows the proper exit procedures, which was not the case for Benjamin Ndolo. Instead, he defamed the company to cover up his own faults…” A statement from Ebru TV read.


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