Wednesday, January 6, 2021 – Deputy President, William Ruto, on Wednesday admitted that he is not campaigning for Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking during the funeral ceremony of Cardinal John Njue’s sister at Karuiri village in Manyatta Constituency of Embu County, Ruto admitted that he is not active in pushing for BBI for a good reason.

In an attempt to explain why he’s not been an active pusher, Ruto said that it already has those dealing with it.

“BBI iko na wenyewe,” he said before adding that “mimi nilikuwa nimesema kwa sababu kazi ni mingi, nisaidie President na mambo ya mnaendeleo.

“As a result, I left that job in the hands of others because ‘kazi ni kazi’ and when I saw things were not moving on well, I went to Bomas of Kenya to straighten things.”

However, the DP expressed concerns with those people dealing with the constitutional amendment proposal saying they are taking too long in letting Kenyans understand what the document contains.

“Nimeona wamechelewa sana na ningetaka kuambia watu wa BBI kwamba leteni vitabu wananchi wasome ndio waamue,” he said.


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