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Thursday, 14 January 2021 – Once popular singer Meg C has revealed that she is battling depression 11 years after her husband died in a road accident, leaving her widowed at 23 years of age.

Speaking in a recent interview, the mellow voiced singer, who was once linked to an affair with Dennis Oliech, said that she is yet to recover and move on after losing the lover of her life.

Meg C took a break from music to concentrate on her marriage and just when she was enjoying her marriage that had lasted for only 3 years, her husband Salim perished in a grisly road accident in Malindi in January 2010.

When her husband died, she was 3 months pregnant.

“January is never a good month for me. It’s the month of his anniversary and to be honest it has always been difficult for me. Ever since I lost him I have been depressed to date because I was also pregnant and he never got to meet his son. 

The situation is even getting worse as years go by with the kids growing because they ask all these sorts of questions about him, and that draws me back. I wonder if I will ever win this depression because of the memories of the good times we had when he was alive. He was so gentle and took care of us really well”, she said.

The singer further added that since her husband died, she has never been in any serious relationship.


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