Tuesday, 19 January 2021 – When the late Benga singer John DeMathew was being buried, his first wife Sarafina Wairimu vowed that she will live in harmony with her co-wife Caroline Waithira.

Sarafina further blasted those who were trying to create friction between her and Caroline, adding that her deceased husband always encouraged them to love and respect each other.

“No one will come between us. I recognize Ms. Waithira as the second wife and she respects me. In fact, when the late could not get his favourite shirt, I could call her to ask whether it was in her home. Our children love each other and it is hard to know which one belongs to which mother,” she said while paying tribute to her deceased husband.

Two years after DeMathew died, his wives are still living in harmony as his first wife promised.

DeMathew’s second wife shared photos of her son’s 4th birthday and her co-wife was there to celebrate with her.

“Today I would like to wish my son Little DeMathew / Simba / DeMathew Junior a happy birthday as he turns 4… Your dad would have enjoyed being part of your birthday party yesterday but we are here for you and to raise you well as your dad would have wanted… Happy birthday my son”, she posted.

See photos.


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