Thursday, January 7, 2021 – Former Classic FM radio presenter, Ciku Muiruri, has blasted political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi after he attacked Deputy President William Ruto.

Mutahi, who is notorious for diverting every political discourse to a tribal route, said he had the perfect weapon to destroy William Ruto.

Taking to Twitter, Ngunyi said if Kikuyus are taken away from the second in command, he would become irrelevant because, in his opinion, there will be no Ruto without Kikuyus.

“BEST way to DESTROY William Ruto is to take KIKUYUS away from him. It is that SIMPLE. Without KIKUYUS there is NO Ruto. Our FREN is walking on FEET of CLAY. A mild afternoon SHOWER in GEMA will MELT his feet of CLAY. End of DISCUSSION.

“Am I Right or Am I RIGHT?,” Mutahi wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday.

The political analyst angered many Kenyans and Ciku Muiruri was among millions of Kenyans who lambasted Mutahi for making such childish remarks.

Ciku wondered who pays Mutahi to make such rudimentary tweets that add no value to Kenyans.

The people who pay this guy, do they really get any value for their money? His tweets are so… rudimentary. Ruto is popular because the status quo is unpopular. That is all,” Ciku tweeted.


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