Wednesday, January 13, 2021 – Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, was recently recorded admitting that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is unpopular in the Mt Kenya region.

In an audio recording shared online by Justin Kinyua, a communication strategist serving in the office of the Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici, Waiguru is heard distancing herself from BBI politics throwing the ball at the person chosen to the BBI campaign team.

“On matters BBI let me first remain silent, we were shown there is a committee, let the person who was chosen as the chairman in the committee bring the report and first we will have to read it together with my Members of County Assembly. Kwanza Tuisome tuilewe,” said Anne Waiguru in the recording.

The vocal governor, who a week ago met Raila Odinga alongside other female politicians and pledged to sell BBI in Mount Kenya, urged her people to focus on development.

She called upon her people to put BBI aside as they waited for further communication.

“Sisi kama watu wa Kirinyaga let us first focus on developments and keep the BBI aside awaiting those chosen as the chairman in the committee to give the way forward,” Waiguru said in the audio.


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