Tuesday, January 12, 2021 – Famous Akorino singer, Allan Aaron, who is known for the hit song Kiriro that he featured Daddy Owen, was humiliated badly by his wife after she recently narrated how he dumped her and their 4 kids after touring the United States of America.

Allan’s wife, Shiku, disclosed that her celebrity husband left her to take care of their 4 kids after he jetted into the country from the US where he had gone to seek greener pastures

The singer is said to have come back home, packed his belongings, and left.

Shiku further disclosed that she has been taking care of their 4 kids single-handedly after she parted ways with her deadbeat husband.

Allan Aaron is enjoying a flamboyant lifestyle as his wife and kids suffer.

He took to his Instagram page and shared a photo of a lavish mansion that he has constructed along Thika road.

He captioned the photo in Kikuyu saying, ‘’Ngai niwe uheanaga’’ which loosely translates to “It’s God who gives”.

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