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Loss of interest in sex is common during pregnancy, after giving birth and while breastfeeding. This was a problem in my marriage just after I gave birth to my first born child. My husband whom we lived together in Busia County frequently complained I deprived him his sexual rights but I really did not know what had gone wrong. After a while I realized I had a cut or sought of a tear on my cervical walls that happened while I was giving birth. Each time I had sex with my husband I would feel some pain which was brought about by the tear on my cervical walls. I took the issue to a provincial hospital in Busia County but all was in vain since nothing really changed.

At times I would only focus on breastfeeding my kid and forget about having sex with my husband. I rarely seeked helped from various hospitals for fear as I told myself maybe it would cause some laughter on my life. I decided to stay with the condition by myself where my husband kept complaining that depriving him sexual needs was not acceptable. It was not my wish but due to that tear I had a condition that was called fistula. Each time we would have sexual contact I would feel some pain which really made me have a low sexual feeling. after sometimes the condition became so rampant that it lowered my self esteem. Due to the tear, a bad odor came from my private parts where this made me I could not even walk with my friends comfortably. I remained indoors taking care of my baby. I really had sexual feelings but that pain would not allow.

Through a road trip of certain herbal doctors called Mugwenu doctors, I came to learn that it was possible to cure the condition and that my sex drive was to be back as usual. I took their contacts as one of their employers during the road trip gave me. I called and booked an appointment with these herbalists. A week later I was at their offices ready for treatment. I was given some herbal medicines which I was to use for three days. I went back home as the herbalists had informed me that the condition would end after three days that is after using all the herbal medicine they gave me. After three days we had sex with my husband and I experienced no pain or form of tear in my cervical wall. Fistula had been brought to an end courtesy of Mugwenu doctors. It was really a pleasure to enjoy sex once more.

Anyone else who has lot sex drive caused by birth or breastfeeding should visit Mugwenu doctors for they are the most reliable herbal doctors in the region. They treat various diseases such as syphilis, diabetes just to mention a few. They are the most reliable herbal doctors in the East African region so do not hesitate to call them in case you got any need. For consultations call +254740637248/E-mail or visit for more.

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