Wednesday, 27 January 2021 – A parent has moved to court and sued Brookhouse School for expelling her son from the prestigious institution over a fight with his classmates.

Through her lawyer, Musyoko Mogaka, the parent wants her son to be readmitted, arguing that he was discriminated against because the other students he is alleged to have fought with were not punished. 

Her son has been out of school since January last year while the students he is alleged to have fought with are continuing with their education.

 “The school continues to violate her child’s fundamental rights and unapologetically operate under unfair administrative actions that expose the parents to potential abuse through their unilateral decisions,” said Mogaka, the lawyer representing the aggrieved parent.

The parent alleged that she was summoned to school last year after her son allegedly broke the school rules but the school’s director denied her audience.

She was referred to the deputy principal, who was handling the disciplinary case.

She stated in her affidavit that the deputy principal refused to give her a fair hearing.

Her son was first suspended and then expelled.

The parent claims there is no evidence to prove that her son is indisciplined as alleged by the management.

According to her, her son was bullied and sexually harassed by some students, leading to a confrontation.


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