Wednesday, December 2, 2020 – Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has revealed how his mother’s dying wish could bind him with Deputy President William Ruto forever. 

Speaking during the funeral ceremony of his late mother, Edith Ngunjiri, Ngunjiri stated that failure to honour the wish could subject him to a curse. 

“Ruto is a good person and you should maintain that friendship,” Kimani recalled Edith Ngunjiri’s words. 

“If my mother left me instructions to maintain my friendship with Ruto, who am I to subject myself to a curse,” he affirmed.

Kimani also explained that the two were allowed to have a difference of opinion but not forsake the friendship. 

Recounting the morning she passed on, the Bahati MP disclosed that he was overwhelmed with a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability.

He explained that that fateful morning his mother had just taken some uji for breakfast, albeit a small amount. 

Later on, Ngunjir’s sister went to check up on her in the neighbouring house that she was living in where she found her dead.


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