My name is Susan and I was very much in love with my boyfriend with whom we were both studying Medicine in a university in Nairobi. I had sacrificed a lot for him and he had even promised to marry me after school. However, My boyfriend humiliated me in a way I will never forget.

On that particular day, I went to class but I had not talked to him for two days and I was worried about his whereabouts. He did not even show up in class and when I tried reaching him on his phone and he did not pick up the phone. I decided to go check him in his hostel to see what had stopped him from coming to class.

On reaching his hostel where he lived, I knocked the door and his roommate came to open up the door for me. I said hi to him and he did not answer me. He left the door opened and gestured me to come in.

On entering the room, I found my boyfriend in his bed with another woman. I called out to him and asked him what he was doing sleeping with another woman.

“You do not have any right to question me, you ugly girl, I will have sex with whoever I like and you will do nothing about it,” he said.

His roommates started laughing at me and they all started humiliating me telling that I looked horrible and that I was poor and all those insulting things mean people can tell you.

“Who do you think you are? I do not even love you. I have been dating you out of pity for you old woman,” my boyfriend said as his friends laughed out loud.

I was so down trodden that morning. I felt so useless that my boyfriend was enjoying kunifanyia hiyo madharau so as to entertain his friends and the lady whom he was cheating me with.

I ran out of their hostel and went to my house where I bitterly cried out of that humiliation. I felt so dehumanized by the man whom I thought loved me. He then two hours later sent me a text telling me he had broken up with me since I was not his type.

After all the sacrifice and love I had showed that man, that is how he repaid me. I was immediately filled with rage and I wanted to avenge him for maltreating me and using me like a tissue paper.

I posted the issue to a Facebook group and asked the members to advise me on how to handle the issue since I felt so demeaned and hurt by my boyfriend and his friends.

One of the ladies in the group told me to contact Doctor Mugwenu who was a traditional herbalist and would help me revenge my ex for treating me badly.

I took Doctor Mugwenu’s number and called him. I told him how disrespected I felt and how my ex dumped me like I didn’t matter. He asked me to see him the next day and when I did, he cast plagues to my boyfriend and his friends all who had treated me like trash.

He sent disturbances in their lives in such a way that they had to apologise to me first if they wanted to be normal again. True to Doctor Mugwenu’s spells, my ex-lover started calling me and telling he was sorry a day later.

“I know I treated you so badly enough and I humiliated you, please forgive me and my friends. Our manhood have grown so huge and painful and we have wounds all over our bodies, forgive us please,” my mean ex begged me.

I asked them to pay me KSh 100,000 for the emotional harm they had caused me and for all the insults. In a matter of hours, they had all raised the cash and sent it to my phone. That was how I taught that shameless man a lesson.

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