The dating pool was not favorable for me because for a very long time I could find myself in a relationship where the other partner wasn’t fully committed to me or at some given point it seemed like I was the one investing so much in every relationship I was n.

2019 was a good year because I had met a fine guy Mark after one of our mutual friends introduced us. The first few months the relationship was going well. However, six months later the man started asking for financial assistance from me. I thought it was normal to help out a partner but he made it a routine.

 I would constantly pay for his rent after every month even though whenever I wanted to go visit him, he brought up excuses which was to avoid me. He would at times switch off his phone if I informed him was I on my way to his place. The funniest thing was that at that point that did not bother me at all.

Idid not resist paying for anything he wanted no matter how broke I was I  ensured that I pulled strings to give him whatever he asked for. For some reason I spent most of my salary on him than on my family. This was disturbing to both my family and the people around.

One day he texted me saying ‘’Babe please nisaidie kulipa nyumba landlord amenifungia nje for almost two weeks na nmevaa nguo moja since then.’’ I showed the message to my sister and she immediately told me to be so cautious . My sister had gone through the same situation with her previous partners so she advised me to see Doctor Mugwenu immediately.

My vist to Doctor Mugwenu was successful. He informed me that the guy did some voodoo on me while I was asleep that helped him to extort money from me easily. He helped do away with the voodoo spell by chanting some incantations to me with my eyes closed. For a moment,I felt like something was lifted off my shoulder.

 I went back home not caring about anyone who slept outside for one week and is about to spend his days and nights for the next months.I ended the relationship through a text message. The guy has been calling texting nonstop but have been ignoring hm. Thanks to Doctor Mugwenu his spell helped me open up my eyes to see how the guy was extorting money from me.

Do not let love blind you nto giving so much money to your so called partner. Doctor Mugwenu cable abltes can help determine such cases and fight them for your own good will. if you are faced with any general problems of life le diseases love issues among others can contact him through the following;




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