The proverbial fortieth day for a randy headteacher who has been sleeping around with peoples wives came to pass.

This is after the Bungoma-based teacher who is married were found stuck while having an illicit affair with someone’s wife who is a parent at the Chwele market school.

The two got stuck during sex escapade in Chwele town, Kabuchai constituency, Bungoma County. The act mulled a huge crowd to witness the rare show.

A crowd milled around the hotel to have a glance at the two who had been caught by the woman’s husband using charms.

The husband, identified as Bram, said that he had sought the services of a witch doctor after he suspected his wife was having an extra-marital affair.

“I have been suspecting that she is cheating on me. On Saturday, I went to Dr. Mugwenu who gave me charms that would make them remain stuck. It has worked so well. I have caught them red-handed,” he said.

The lovers were glued together for more than three hours. The husband to the woman had to use yet another charm to unglue the two, who shyly walked away.

Speaking later, the husband, said that his “powerful charm” cost him not a song but he was not regretting since it had worked perfect.

Some residents praised the ‘power’ of the witch doctor who was rumored to be the popular Dr. Mugwenu, saying the lovers will serve as an example to unfaithful couples.

“This woman has ridiculed the women of Bungoma. We want action to be taken against her,” Nancy Nasike, a resident, said.

“This is a married woman. She is supposed to respect her husband. She has children too,” Nasike added.

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