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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 – This guy called Sammy Matiba posted an inspiring story in the Thriving Couples KE Facebook group narrating how he has walked through the journey of life with his wife.

He met his wife in 2005 when they were high school students.

He had gone to her school for games and the first time he saw her, he was blown away by her beauty.

However, he didn’t manage to approach her.

When he went back to his school after the games, the image of the pretty girl that he had seen kept appearing in his mind.

 Later on, one thing led to another and they re-united after he was transferred to her school since it was a mixed secondary school.

Miraculously, Sammy found himself in the same class as his crush.

When he gained enough courage and approached her, she said she was not ready for a relationship.

However, Sammy kept on pursuing his then crush until he managed to woo her.

They got married a year after finishing high school.

He was turning 21 years and she was turning 19 years when they decided to settle down as husband and wife.

When Sammy got married, he had only 75 shillings in his pocket and that is the little money that they used to start life.

They have been married for 12 years and during those years, they have grown together.

This is how he narrated his love journey.

1) This is where they started

2) Their current state.

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