My name is Alex and few days ago, I was coming from work in town. It was a bit late since my boss had given me additional work which kept me a little longer in the office.

I took a matatu to Lang’ata and since there was some bit of traffic, I dropped at Lang’ata at around 10.30pm. My house was 10 minutes away from the stage and I began the walk to my house. Unfortunately, I met thugs on my way home. They were two men who had covered their faces in masks and they were so terrifying.

“Buda, toa hiyo bag yako utupatie and ile pesa na simu uko nayo,” they commanded. I fully cooperated and gave them all they had asked for. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many things as they expected.

My bag only had a power bank, a sweater and besides my phone, I had KSh 2000 with me only. They said I had hidden other items but I denied that I did not. Before even completing my explanation to them, one of the thieves removed a knife and stabbed me on the stomach. I screamt in so much pain and when they heard people coming to rescue me they ran away with the bag and my phone.

Three men and a woman who came to rescue me found me lying in a pool of blood and they immediately rushed me to the hospital. Fortunately, the wound was not so deep and the doctor stitched me. One of the women who had taken me to the hospital was so angered by the thugs’ inhumane act of stealing and stabbing me.

After the doctor left the room, she told me there was a way I could recover my items and even get the chance to revenge the ruthless thieves.

“I feel really bad for what those thieves have done to you, you should immediately take them to Doctor Mugwenu so that he can teach them a lesson for messing with you,” that woman told me.

She told me Doctor Mugwenu was a traditional herbalist who used spells to punish wrongdoers such as thieves. She gave his number and I gave him a call that night. The Doctor indeed confirmed he could help me recover my lost items and even teach those mean thieves a lesson.

Since I was too weak to visit him, he told me he would even perform the spells when he was away and they would work. He cast a plague spells and also sent acoustic voices to disturb the robbers so that they would look for me and ask for my forgiveness.

The next day at around 11am, I was still in the hospital when two men walked in. Their skins looked like they had leprosy and their genitals were so big that I could see them. They then went on their knees and said they were sorry for attacking me the previous night.

“We are the thieves that attacked you last night. Since then, we have been getting strange diseases on our skins, our private parts are huge and painful and some voices were disturbing us. Please forgive us Alex,” they said.

The woman who had brought me to the hospital laughed at them because they looked hideous and called the police to take them. They returned my items and yesterday when they were taken to court, they were jailed for 10 years in prison.

It didn’t take away my stab wound but at least it healed my emotional pain knowing the god for nothing thieves will spend some good time in prison and I have Doctor Mugwenu to thank for that.

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