A woman from Kayole Estate in Nairobi who has been looking for justice after a randy landlord asked her for sexual favours, has finally found a solution.

Her story read like a Hollywood script when she accused her thirsty landlord of making forced sexual advances and finally beating her up when she had refused.

If the allegations by Mrs Florence Mukweyu is anything to go by, then the landlord in question should have been sent behind bars long time ago.

Flo, has accused her landlord, Bramuel Buo of beating her to almost coma because she refused to sleep with him. This was a big shame on a man who has been so religious and sometimes preaches in a local church.

To make the matters worse, out of hate, he was said to have gone further to hire his friends to join him in beating her. Reason, he wants her by force.

Flo alleged that the landlord used to peep at her whenever she is in the bathroom something she tried to rebuke in vein.

Though the landlord denied beating her or asking her out, Flo has afew phone recordings showing the man seducing her and she is now crying out for justice.

Flo, who spent days in the hospital as a result of the beating, said she reported the matter with the authorities but it is dragging up.

The randy landlord on his part, claimed the woman injured herself when she wanted to attack her over s mall misunderstanding.

Nonetheless, after learning that no authority was willing to help, her husband, Odongo, who had promised to pursue the matter to the end using all means possible, last Saturday decided to seek services of a traditional doctor. He is said to have visited the famous Mugwenu Doctors who helped rain havoc to the randy landlord.

That for the last three days, the landlord has been crying in continuous excruciating pains saying he cannot sleep well since beating up the woman. His manhood cannot also stand! 

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