Sunday, 20 December 2020 – Struggling singer and former celebrity groupie, Tanasha Donna, exposed Diamond as a dead beat father in June this year during an interview on Jalang’o TV.

Tanasha said that ever since she parted ways with Diamond and returned to the country, he has never sent her even a single coin to support their son.

“I will be 100 percent honest with you, I’m very real and I’m not going to say something that is not the case. With all the respect I have for him and I don’t have any bad blood with him. No, he is not supporting (me) and I’m doing it on my own”, she said.

Tanasha further bragged that she doesn’t need Diamond’s help because she is doing just fine.

“I don’t need his support to be honest, I’m raising my son just fine. There is nothing that boy lucks in his life. He is fine, that’s what matters,” she said.

After discrediting Diamond some few months ago, Tanasha now says that the wealthy Bongo singer has started providing for their son Naseeb Jnr.

Speaking in a recent interview, Donna, as she is commonly known, said that Diamond sends her cash for upkeep and everything else that their son needs.

“He is paying for his education right now and taking care of him”, she said.

However, she denied claims that Diamond bought for her a lavish house that she currently lives in with her son.

Tanasha said that she personally bought the house without asking for financial help from anyone.

Watch the full interview here.


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