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Thursday, December 10, 2020 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has launched a challenge where he promised a cash reward for the most creative video demonstrating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s achievement over the past seven years. 

Ngunyi asked Kenyans to pick a side in debunking whether more achievements were made in the first 50 years of independence (1963-2013) or in the past seven years after President Kenyatta took power in 2013. 

Rolling out the challenge on his Twitter page, Mutahi disclosed that he had chosen President Uhuru’s side of history.

“Say whatever you want, but Uhuru Kenyatta is a revolutionary… If you disagree with me, you can sit on a pin,” he wrote.

Dubbed Challenge 57, Ngunyi asked Kenyans interested in participating to create a fun, creative song or dance showing what they were most proud of.

They would then post the 1-minute video on Twitter and tag both the analyst and his 5th Estate TV.

The most creative video and with the highest retweets by 5 pm would win Ksh57,000.

The runners up would also get other prizes.

Mutahi’s post has since elicited mixed reactions with some Kenyans criticizing him for being Uhuru’s sycophant and not being able to see the mess that the president has put Kenya in by borrowing heavily.


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