Wednesday, 30 December 2020 – Fiery Laikipia Woman Rep, Catherine Waruguru, is on the spot for allegedly wrecking the marriage of another woman.

If you recall, Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, spilled the beans early this year that Waruguru had been dumped by her husband, who is a prominent lawyer based in Kericho for cheating on him.

Kuria alleged that Waruguru’s husband demanded a DNA test when she gave birth and found the baby was not his.

“This is why Waruguru is ranting. She got a baby early this year. Her Rift Valley husband was convinced the baby was his. At some point, he asked for a DNA test. The results proved that the baby was fathered by an associate of the current Kirinyaga Governor. Lawyer took off, “Moses Kuria said in a Facebook post.

According to trusted sources, the vocal Woman Rep parted ways with her Rift Valley husband and eloped with a married man from Kirinyaga, who is said to be the biological father of the baby that she delivered early this year.

Waruguru is said to be warming the bed of Mr. Peter Waweru, the Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

Waweru has reportedly neglected his young family for Waruguru.

The randy Woman Rep is said to have thrown a bash for Waweru after he graduated.

His wife and children were not invited.

A trusted source wrote to Nyakundi saying, “Hey Cyprian, I hope you’re well.

  So my friend is stressed.

Her hubby is now cohabiting with Waruguru who was once chased away for trying to check into a hotel with a married man.

She’s hoping you can highlight the story so the public can know what Waruguru is all about.

The guy in question is Peter Waweru.

He’s the Chairman Chamber of Commerce Kirinyaga County but is now officially Warugurus chauffeur.

She threw the guy a party where the wife and kids weren’t invited.”

Here are photos of the married man that Waruguru has eloped with.

Waruguru, whose randy behaviours are well-known on the political circles, was previously married as a second wife.


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