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Monday, December 21, 2020 – A Crisis is looming in public schools ahead of school reopening in January as parents transfer their children from private schools to public schools.

Most parents have lost their source of livelihood following the adverse economic effects brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic that has lasted for nearly one year.

“I was among employees that were laid off from my company in June this year, and I have been surviving on manual jobs.”

“I will have to transfer my children to a public school because it is cheaper,” a parent stated.

Other private schools were also shut down and owners opted to set up other businesses like chicken rearing, providing office space and trade centres, hence, parents have to look for other learning institutions for their children.

“The school management has since communicated that the school will not be reopening and that we need to transfer our children.”

“On the group Whatsapp, parents keep consulting each other on which schools to take their children,” Rebecca Nyokabi stated.

On the other hand, some of the parents relocated to rural areas afterlife in the city became unbearable.

Therefore, they will be forced to look for other schools in the villages.

Kenya Primary School Heads Association Chairman, Nicholas Gathemia, acknowledged that public schools had increasingly gotten more requests for admission.

He reiterated that parents had been disoriented by job losses and slow businesses.


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