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Tuesday, December 1, 2020 – Saboti MP, Caleb Amisi, threatened to resign following a beating by irate youth in Mitume Ghetto.

Speaking to the public after he reported the matter to the police, Amisi stated that he was in his constituency to launch an administration complex at the Masinde Muliro Secondary School when an irate crowd landed on him.

“I would not have gone to the Police if I had not been beaten up.”

“I was beaten and even injured and this should not continue.”

“I do not have to be a Member of Parliament.”

“If beating me is what it means to be an MP, then I would rather resign and go back home to my wife and children,” Amisi told the crowd.

The youthful legislator lamented that he would be held accountable for his work after his time in office lapsed. 

“Every time I come to launch something in my constituency, I have to be countered by irate youth yet after 5 years, you will say I did not perform.”

“I come to launch a school and youth beat me up and chase me away,” he complained.

“I have helped so many youths in this constituency.”

“I not only use funds given to me by the Government but also from my salary,” he concluded.

Amisi officiated the BBI signature collection in Saboti Constituency and later opened an administration complex at Masinde Muliro Secondary School.


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