Wednesday, December 30, 2020 – ODM leader, Raila Odinga, has remained optimistic that Kenyans will make the right choice when the time comes as far as the Building Bridges Initiative is concerned.

This is even as more Kenyans joined Deputy President William Ruto in opposing the looming BBI referendum, saying there were more pressing matters that the country should be dealing with other than the referendum.

Speaking during an interview, Raila urged Kenyans to endorse BBI during the next year’s referendum, saying it is good for the country.

However, he said if they reject the BBI changes, they will have their reasons for doing it and will not condemn them for it.

He noted that the BBI will not be forced on Kenyans.

“If the country says no, they will have passed their verdict, the world will not stop moving because the country has said no.”

“There will be different reasons why the country would have said no… I believe that Kenyans will make the right choice, I have confidence in the Kenyan people to make the right choice at the right time,” said Raila.


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