Saturday, 26 December 2020 – A pretty Kenyan lady, who is going through a mental torture courtesy of her baby-daddy, has narrated the painful ordeal on her Facebook page.

KINDLY READ THROUGH….This is the first Christmas am spending away from my baby boy 5.5yrs now. On the 1st of this month i stood at the Children’s court Nakuru & listened being accused of being MENTALLY ILL & therefore an UNFIT MO

THER. This is a child i’ve raised right from day 1( 14th June 2015) every second, minute, hour & day by his side, untill he joined PP1(7th May 2019 at 8:17 am) at age 3yrs 11months. I remember i had to put my dreams & career aside & be a mum, with no househelp at all i raised my baby. When he was about 2yrs old i would take him to our then electronics shop at pipeline Embakasi, Nairobi untill 9pm, a business of which was started with my own capital.

In 2020, i have only been able to see my baby thrice & i had to cause drama to be allowed access to him & that’s when i was taken to children’s court. They first tried to reconcile us by calling a mediator by the name Sheila( short dyed hair & petite) which proved impossible, then followed by ‘private sessions’ & lastly, we were called in together. Am told the child might be taken to a Children’s home by some lady. The other party says ‘they’ will go to court to file for sole custody & sue me for child neglect. Mind you in 2019, we had come home to Nakuru from Nairobi, for December holidays & a 2months job contract.

Then one night in December after a back & forth am dumped at my grandmother’s, asked not to go back to a place i’ve known as home for 7yrs. He say he’s taking the child with him because he already paid 2 terms school fees. Am left confused, no child, no family & with debts of which he had borrowed using my phone, to pay back & back to square one, from a life i had build from scratch for 8yrs.

Those who know me personally can attest to my motherhood, me as a parent, my mental stability & how hard i always work. I try to call to talk to my baby but am blocked, I try reason with this person’s mother but all she does is rain insults on me. I don’t know what i ever did to this family or this particular person to hurt me using my own child, of whom i almost died bringing into this world. I’ve seen some of my family members & people i considered close friends abandon me because of this particular issue, but I thank God for a few strangers who stepped in.

So i ask, how did the Children’s court come to the conclusion I was mentally ill? Coz honestly I went to the washroom & on coming back it was already ruled out, that the child would still stay with his father who untill this minute won’t allow me even a phone call to my child…Even so, do I not have any right to see or talk to my baby even if its for one second? What kind of law & justice is this? I wish someone would help or advice on the issue & be my Christmas miracle.

How I even manage to go through this pain & still put up a strong front & a smile is through God’s grace. There are times am really really struggling to see my purpose in this life. May I also add that this particular person Joel Kimemia Maina, has been at some point even Physically abusive where he smacked my face & when I was down drugged & locked me up in the bedroom infront of my child, but I was asked by his parents to let it slide “ndoa ni kuvumilia”.

He was emotionally abusive where he would tell me i was ugly, had big front teeth & cellulites on my legs, that I walked bent & no other man would look at me twice or want to marry me especially with a boy child… This person said i wasted his 7yrs, i wonder where mine went to… Anyone who knew us from campus knows how much i stood by this person, even aiding with his fee at some point, from completely nothing, where he moved into my house, to where we were owning a business & even a vehicle.

After birth, I went through a post-natal depression & these people were not kind to me. I was told I was pretending & even told they would call police on me, take my baby & let me go wherever I wanted to. At some point when I said I wanted to go back to my place I was asked to clean my baby’s & my clothes till my CS wound re-opened but I had to keep it to myself…. Its one lonely Christmas for me but I wish you all a Merry Christmas.


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