Wednesday, 02 December 2020  City preacher, Victor Kanyari, has attacked his ex-wife’s new lover.

Kanyari’s ex-wife, Betty Bayo, recently introduced her new man who is said to be of Caucasian origin during her birthday.

The man proposed to her with an expensive ring that she flaunted online and announced that she has moved on after a messy break up with the infamous pastor.

Speaking to a local media house, Kanyari threw jabs at Betty Bayo’s new boyfriend and described him as a broke and hungry man.

Kanyari further bragged that he is not on the same level as Betty’s fiancé.

“He is from Central Kenya but can’t compete with my level. He is a hungry man that is the best way I can describe him. 

“I can buy them lunch, only that they have not shown up,” he said.

“Hii ni mbio ya farasi na punda. I do not know why she has rushed things since I did not expect her to be with that kind of a man. 

“I expected a different kind of man. I am cuter,” he added.

Kanyari said that Betty Bayo has invited him to her wedding but he won’t attend, urging her to move on with her life.

“I can’t attend her wedding although I am invited. She should continue with her life,” he added.


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