Wednesday, December 9, 2020 – A vocal blogger, who is on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party payroll, has blamed Deputy President William Ruto and former Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry Rotich, for the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) in the Health Ministry

In the last two months, doctors and health workers have been complaining about the lack of PPEs.

Commenting on Twitter on Tuesday, Seth Odongo, who is popularly known as Dikembe Disembe, said Ruto and Rotich are to blame for the lack of PPEs because they looted all the money meant for buying them.

Dikembe also attacked those claiming that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) should be stopped to buy PPEs saying the document is perfect and should not be linked to the current cash flow crisis inside the government.

Don’t forget we can’t afford PPEs because the government borrowed under Ruto/Rotich monies that were used to buy towels for Weston hotel. In Arror & Kimwarer alone, the govt borrowed ksh67bn and looted all of it. #BBI has nothing to do with the current cash flow crisis,” Seth Odongo stated.


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