Wednesday, 09 December 2020 – An upcoming Kenyan TV anchor who is identified as Salsha Betty, raised an alarm on social media after she was allegedly battered by her husband.

Betty had posted a photo on her Facebook page goofing around with her husband and showered him with praises saying, ”Good night from bae and I. Thank you for being a supportive partner for the last 5 years and a good father to our daughter too. I love you, babe,”

One hour later, the same lady rushed to social media and posted a photo pleading for help.
The helpless lady wanted someone to rescue her after she was reportedly battered by the man that she had just praised on her Facebook page.
“Anywhere I can report domestic violence? I genuinely need help urgently, “she posted and gave out her phone number.

At first, some Kenyans thought that she was just chasing clout and even started making silly jokes saying that she had applied tomato sauce on her face.

However, popular activist, Njeri Wa Mwangi, who is dedicated to rescuing victims of domestic abuse, confirmed that she had reached out to the lady and rescued her before taking her to hospital.

Njeri said that they had reported the matter to the police for further action.

“We are in hospital, she has been treated and had stitches done. She has gone for a head scan since she was bleeding from the ears. Otherwise, she’s well and safe. Matter reported to the police.

This is just a reminder that things can take a sharp turn in a matter of minutes. Those you share a duvet with are the most likely to harm you. Even here on Social Media we MUST change the narrative, we cannot be enablers or Violence. Stop Domestic Violence, “the renowned activist posted on her Facebook page.

According to Salsha’s Facebook profile, she is an upcoming TV anchor and an actress.


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