Wednesday, December 16, 2020 – Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, is a bitter man after Raila Odinga’s candidate in Msambweni, Omar Boga, who was also supported by President Uhuru Kenyatta, was beaten by Deputy President William Ruto’s man, Feisal Bader.

Taking to social media, the discernibly disappointed Wambugu sarcastically congratulated Ruto and his winning team for teaching them a valuable lesson.

He expressed his disappointment in yesterday’s defeat of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidates in the just concluded by-election.

This came after Uhuru endorsed Raila’s man, Omar Boga, and went ahead to take pictures with him in the company of Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho.

He accepted that as Jubilee, they lost, learned their lessons and leave to fight another day as the war was not yet over.


“I take this opportunity to congratulate #TangaTanga for their victory in the Msambweni Parliamentary By-Election, as well as the Gaturi and Lakeview County Assembly by-elections.”

“As a proud member of the Jubilee Party, I accept that we supported the candidates who have lost this time.”

“We have lost in this particular battle. We have also watched your performance both in the campaign, turning out the vote, and protecting it.”

“Your GOTV was especially on point. Your propaganda machinery was also very impressive.”

“You have done an absolutely fantastic job and our Jubilee candidates in Gaturi and Lakeview Wards, as well as the #handshake candidate in Msambweni (who even took a photo with our Party Leader President #UhuruKenyatta), fairly lost to a much better organised team.”

“Kudos! We have watched and I believe we have also learnt.”

“Fortunately as Jubilee we will live to fight another day as the war is not over yet.”

“We look forward to the next battle,” Ngunjiri said.


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