Wednesday December 23, 2020 – Nairobi Senator, Johnstone Sakaja, has urged acting Nairobi Governor, Benson Mutura, to unify Nairobians and refrain from divisive politics.

In an interview with a local daily, Sakaja said Mutura should unite MCAs who were already divided by the impeachment of Mike Sonko early this month.

“As I said back in the Senate last week, the division among MCAs is not good for Nairobians.”

“We need to end the divisive narrative that has been a cliché in Nairobi County,” he said.

Mutura, who was elected in August as the third Speaker of the Assembly, was sworn in as acting Governor on Monday following Mike Sonko’s impeachment last week.

He is expected to be in office for 60 days until Nairobi goes for a by-election and elects a substantive Governor.

Sakaja described Mutura as an eloquent leader having worked with him back in the National Assembly.

“I wish him all the best and tell him that here at the Senate, we are open for any consultation,” he added.


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