My name is Samuel and I was married to my wife of four years when we started experiencing tons of problems in our marriage. I did not understand why my beautiful and kind wife suddenly turned into another person whom I did not recognize.

She started by being very rude to me and threatening to leave our marriage arguing that she was beautiful and could get a better man to take care of her and pamper her. Truth is, I was doing exactly that. I always respected that woman and not a single day did I ever let it pass without me confessing my love for her.

I tried being patient with her since I thought she was battling some mood swings but as many days passed, my wife became very mean and rude towards me and this even started getting in the way of my self-esteem. I tried getting help from marriage counsellors and even pastors but nothing worked out.

One evening she came home and told me she had decided to move in with another man who was richer than me and said she did not love me anymore.

“I am just tired of this marriage and I want a richer and better man than yourself,” she lashed out as she packed her bags and the most hurting thing was that the guy came over for her and they all went. I tried begging her to stay but she seemed to have made up her mind about divorcing me and marrying the other man.

I still remember how painful it was seeing her leave me in my house alone. I remember how the other man looked at me and laughed at me as if he had won over my marriage. I just wanted to get my wife back so that I could prove to him that I was the one my wife wanted.

I cried as the loneliness in my house bit me. I called my mother and told her of what had transpired. She felt sorry for me but told me a real man fights for his marriage.

“My son you should fight for your marriage and the only way to do so is by visiting Doctor Mugwenu who will help your wife come back to you,” my mum said.

She immediately sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and I called him and asked him if he could help me get back my wife who had gotten married to another man. He said he could handle all marital problems and thus asked me to see him when the sun was out.

I visited him and he cast the get my ex-back spell that would restore my wife’s affection to me. He also did another one that would make the other man pay for snatching my wife.

The next day, I was awoken by a call from the man who had stolen my wife and said his ‘thing’ could not stand while having sex with my wife and said he knew the reason was because he snatched her from me. He said he was sorry and had learnt his lesson.

I told him to bring back my wife in the same way he had taken her from my house so that his machine would resume normal operations. He brought her a few hours later and they both said they were so sorry for humiliating me. I really did love my wife and I took her back and from then, she has been the best loving wife and I sincerely have Doctor Mugwenu to thank for that.

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