Thursday, 17 December 2020 – Faded city socialite, Vera Sidika, has hit back at ‘social media in-laws’ for criticizing her for dressing indecently.

Vera Sidika announced that she got married to upcoming Mombasa singer, Brown Mauzo, a few months ago and after becoming someone’s wife, there’s a way fans expect her to behave and dress.

However, the socialite has been posting photos rocking revealing attires despite getting married.

Fans have been flooding her Instagram timeline to condemn her for setting a bad example for a married woman.

But Vera has slammed critics and said that her husband is comfortable with her dressing.

“My husband is not complaining. So, who are you to complain? Stop taking Panadol for my headache,” Vera said.

Vera added that she will continue slaying even when she is 90 years old and toothless.

“I am to look like a potato sack now that I’m married?’’ she posed.

This is what Vera posted on her Instagram page after the endless attacks for dressing indecently.


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