My name is Mary and have a family of four. We moved to Nairobi after I was given a transfer at my work enforcement after a promotion that was issued where I became nthe general manager. For some reason my family started to behave weirdly.

My youngest son was refusing to go back to school and made using drugs a habit while my eldest daughter was having problems with her husband. My second born daughter on the other hand, had issues about settling with one man. She kept on introducing different types of men to the family after every one month which was so weird.

My husband was working back in Kitale and so he was constantly making excuses about coming to see the family. How could things go on so well with work and go so bad with my family.I tried everything I could to ensure that nobody in my family fell apart by talking to them but none of them changed instead it became worse.

That is when I decided to pay a visit to Doctor Mugwenu who in turn helped me in determining what was going on with my family. He informed me that my family was cursed by a colleague of mine who was not happy about my promotion.Apparently she had been eyeing for that promotion for years but sadly luck did not fall on her.

Her main motive was to ensure that my family suffered as much as it can so that it distructs me into not doing my job. Nevertheless, her plans came to an end as her motive of ending both my family and work peaceful moments was all in vain since Doctor Mugwenu protected me from her unraving jealousy.

He gave me an herb which I sprinkled in my office back at work while no one was watching and also in the house with all my children present to help in ending their  troubles.Two days later, my youngest son agreed to go back to school while my eldest daughter solved out issues with her husband and my second born daughter finally found herself a loving man.

The moment the voodoo spell was broken, my so called colleague started experiencing the same things my family was going through earlier.Everything she did to me had come back to haunt him. Doctor Mugwenu ensured that she was taught a lesson she would never forget so that in future she would not dare to do that to other families out of jealousy.

Do not let people filled with envy and jealousy ruin your progress in both you and your family’s lives. Contact Doctor Mugwenu who will ensure that he deals thoroughly with such people.Doctor Mugwenu also solves general problems like breaking curses,casting love spells,healing diseases like gonorrhoea,typhoid,Tb,hypertention,among many other

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