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Tuesday, December 15, 2020 – The office of former President, Mwai Kibaki, has dismissed reports that the former president has abandoned his home in Nyeri that cost taxpayers a whopping Sh400 million.

Reports claimed that Kibaki’s Nyeri Home had been abandoned and neglected. 

The reports added that police officers guarding the home were complaining of a lack of supplies and a poor working environment.

The home’s airstrip was reportedly in a dire state that has seen the grass rise above the perimeter fence. 

His farm in Narumoru, also in Nyeri, was also reportedly abandoned with frequent power cuts due to unpaid electricity bills. 

Sources intimated that it took the intervention of family members to have the bills cleared after the farm was denied access to utility bills. 

However, Kibaki, through his office, has dismissed the reports as lies

“Those reports are unsubstantiated and the one claiming as such should get their facts right.”

“That is pure nonsense,” Kibaki’s aide Ngari Gituku clarified.

According to Gituku, Kibaki’s home in Nyeri is in pristine condition as it is being maintained by the government. 

Kibaki is said to have visited the home occasionally and his late wife, former First Lady Mama Lucy Kibaki, never settled in it despite visiting it once during construction.

Kibaki prefers to spend most of his time in the upmarket estate of Muthaiga in Nairobi. 


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