My name is Merabel and a friend of mine was married to a man named Marvin. He was much older than Merable and since she was an orphan with nobody to help her out the situation forced her to get married at an early age.

Marvin was an abusive husband he turned his wife into his punching bag and sometimes he came home late and so drunk which was not healthy for their new born baby.

One day, we left the house with Merable to make payments on the electricity bill. On our way back we stopped to eat lunch for about 5minutes before going back to the house. On reaching, we found Marvin at the balcony looking at the two of us angrily.

Merable saw his face and she immediately was tensed when we went inside, Marvin locked the door ordered me to sit down and not move an inch and grabbed his belt. He whipped Merabel mercilessly saying ‘ hizi ndo vitu huwa mnafanya hapa kama siko, get your thngs and leave my house. Mimi siwezi lipia Malaya nyumba.’’

He continuously whipped her without letting her explain herself. He even threatened to kill her if she dared to utter any word to him. The next thing we knew we were thrown out in the rain Merabel’s things thrown through the balcony because she hesitated on getting them out.

Luckily, I  had some money on me ,we went back to my place to help her through that difficult time. Merabel had no other source of income so this was so difficult for her and seven month old baby. For almost two weeks, Marvin had not bothered to even find Merable.She even got sick because of too much stress.

Merable could not take another week of being away from the husband and so she sought Doctor Mugwenu’s help because he is the most trusted spiritual doctor. He first asked Merabel if she is willing to forgive the husband and she agreed. She then gave her an herb to bath with so that helped in sorting out his divorce.

One day later, Marvin came by to my place begging for forgiveness from her swearing never to lay a hand on her ever again. The two soughted out their issue and went back home and up to now are living happily,marvin had never laid a hand on Merabel ever since. Do not let your marriage end when you know the two of you are meant to be visit or call Doctor Mugwenu because he has the best solution for you for whatever problems you are faced with. Do not hesitate to drop a line or call through the following;


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