Monday, 7th January, 2020 – Independent Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta has called for the 9:00pm curfew to be lifted ahead of the festive season.

Kabuleta said the curfew is costing Kampala businesses an estimated $2m daily in lost revenue in the restaurant and entertainment industry which are only operating at half their capacity because of the restrictions on night movement.

“Many workers in the hospitality industry are yet to return to their stations since being rendered redundant nine months ago when COVID-19 restrictions first went into effect,” Kabuleta said. “The entertainment industry has been in limbo all that time and needs this festive season to get back in the groove.”

Kabuleta added: “The president is sitting in his regal comfort and is not bothered by the fact that there are several people for whom curfew is the difference between employment and redundancy. He is completely detached from the realities that exist outside of his Queen-bee bubble.”

Kabuleta made the remarks in an interview with Uganda Radio Network on Monday

Uganda’s 9:00pm-5:30am curfew remains one of the most stringent on the continent. South Africa, the worst hit nation by the virus in Africa, has a 10:00pm-4:00am curfew which is only limited to the COVID-19 hotspots. Other areas of the country with less infections enjoy greater freedom for pubs, restaurants and clubs. Rwanda’s curfew also runs from 10:00pm to 4:00am and public transporters are allowed to carry full capacity of sitting passengers and only half capacity for those standing.

More than two months ago Kenya pushed their curfew by two hours to 11:00pm, even if it was briefly revised downwards to 10:00pm.

Kabuleta is one of 11 candidates contesting for the presidency. Elections are slated for January 14th 2021


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